Eating Whole Eggs Can Improve Blood Lipids

Eating whole eggs can improve lipoprotein profiles for patients with metabolic syndrome and also help them with weight management.

The finding came from new research that was conducted by a team led by Dr. Maria Luz Fernandez, Professor at the University of Connecticut, and was published in the journal Metabolism.

Eating Whole Eggs Can Improve Blood Lipids

Approximately 34% of people in the United States have metabolic syndrome, a condition becoming increasingly common. According to prior research, women have a higher chance of developing metabolic syndrome than men because they are less likely to work out for at least a half of an hour each day.

A person develops metabolic syndrome when he/she has 3 or more of the following risk factors:

  •     high triglycerides
  •     low HDL cholesterol
  •     large waistline
  •     increased blood sugar
  •     high blood pressure

Patients with this condition have an increased probability of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, due to a diversity of risk factors.

Since there has been varied information on dietary cholesterol, many people try to stay away from particular foods, including eggs, especially those who struggle with health problems.

For the purpose of the research, middle-aged males and females with metabolic syndrome were split into 2 groups: one group ate 3 whole eggs each day and the other ate the same amount of egg substitute each day as part of a carbohydrate-restricted diet to lose weight.

After the subjects in the whole eggs group spent 3 months on the diet, the researchers found that it had no impact on their LDL cholesterol or total blood cholesterol, even though they were eating two times the amount of cholesterol than they were before the experiment began.

Both the whole eggs group and the egg substitute group had increases in HDL cholesterol, decreases in plasma triglycerides, and improved lipid profiles.




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